Veggie Con Carne

A healthy, quick and easy vegetarian alternative to Chilli Con Carne. Takes around 30 mins to make!

Click the link above for this super delicious recipe! We are huge advocates for Quorn and vegetarian alternatives. Quorn mince is one of our favourite products by the company and we wanted to show you how easy it is to eat something vegetarian without feeling like you’re missing out on great protein! It’s a perfect dish for me to cook at the moment while busy decorating the new house.

Mood: On the go! When you need something tasty but quick

Gnocchi – 2 ways

We’re sharing this super easy but gorgeous Gnocchi recipe with you

There’s a veggie version and a version with prawns, chicken and chorizo. We don’t care how you pronounce the word just how it’s made!

Mood: When you’re trying to impress your guests by making something that looks (and sounds) more complicated than it is!

Prawn Stir Fry

Super easy and healthy stiry fry

Click the link above for a super easy, quick and healthy prawn stiry fry! When you’re in a hurry, a stiry fry is the perfect kind of meal to get something that will fill you up and keep you going!

Mood: On the go, short window of opportunity to cook a fast but tasty meal.

Gorgeous Greek Style Lamb Wraps with Crushed Potatoes

This is PERFECT if you’re looking for a fresh, healthy diced lamb recipe. The potatoes are crispy and fluffy – seasoned to perfection
The recipe includes plenty of veg and a tzatziki recipe too! Perfect for isolation as it feels like you’re having a really fun, great meal

Mood: In need of something fresh and healthy but fulfilling

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