Slow Cooker Donner Meat

I decided that instead of a takeaway I’d use this time to try a fakeaway. Decision for what to make was pretty easy when you have a boyfriend that would live on kebabs if he could, so the obvious choice was a donner kebab!

Mood: Saturday Night Takeaway

Easter Roast Lamb Leg

This Easter has been so different – but what a time for reflection, to be grateful for what we do have. I haven’t been able to see my family, share eggs with my nieces but I’ve made sure we can still have a really yummy dinner. This roast lamb leg is super simple. Prep and cooking takes around 1hr 30 – 1hr 45. I don’t have all the equipment (yet) like a roasting tray with the rack – it’s on my list now! But this still worked really well.

Mood: Ready for a lovely Easter Sunday Roast.

Fiery Chilli Paneer (v)

This is a favourite – vegetarian too! Perfect as a starter or as a main with noodles. Now nearly every Indian wedding will serve you chilli paneer as a veggie option starter. It’s my husbands favourite – and my dads too! So I mastered this around 5 years ago. There’s a few ways you can make it – with cornflour fried paneer or without the cornflour. With a lot of sauce or with a drier finish.

Mood: Sweet, spicy and fiery! Oh and easy!!

Wild Garlic Pesto, Mushroom & Asparagus Spaghetti

This one is a quick and simple vegetarian option. If you don’t have wild garlic pesto you can make your own with basil or buy a jar at your local supermarket.

Mood: When you want a light, summery veggie option

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