Homemade Fish and Chips

Fakeaway alert!! Fish and chips is such a delicious comfort food I just had to make it at home! Plus Gordon Ramsey inspired me in his 10 minute meals – I can assure you this took a lot longer than 10 minutes but it was definitely worth it – for some reason it felt healthier than the takeout but still tasted as good!

Mood: Friday night fakeaway feeling.. comforting and satisfying

Sardines & Linguine

So it was Sunday night and the food shopping was due at 9.30pm! We usually shop for the week on Saturday or Friday but this week I managed to get a delivery slot and so had very little planned for Sunday night – so, it was time to rummage through the cupboard to see what I could throw together.
Pasta was an instant thought, we’ve been on low carb lunches so the chance to do pasta was one I wasn’t going to miss! Who knew that linguine… sardines… olives… tomatoes.. and whatever else I could find was going to make this masterpiece! I can’t take all of the credit, I remember watching Saturday Kitchen one morning and the chef was making sardine spaghetti – I couldn’t find the episode so just threw whatever I could find into the pan and it worked!

Mood: using whatever’s in the cupboard and fridge… super fresh and flavourful!

Chewy Gooey Brownies with White Chocolate Buttons

I have been craving brownies for weeks now – but I’m trying to be good… HOWEVER… recently I’ve had a few reasons to celebrate and how better to do that than with some delicious brownies! I’ve used this recipe for a while and have no idea where I got it from to be honest – It’s worked for me and I’ve added different elements over time (this time white choc buttons – Milkybar ones!) I hope you enjoy this as much as I did…! The best thing is it has dark chocolate in it (you cannot taste the bitterness I promise!) and that’s a real mood booster!

Mood: In need of something sweet, gooey, chewy and feel good!

Creamy Prawn Linguine

Super quick and easy linguine when you don’t have much time! It’s the end of the week and we’re due to go shopping so I reached into the fridge for whatever we had left… Threw this together and it went down a treat!

Mood: In need of something simply delicious in a rush!

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