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Nobody’s perfect.. and so neither are our recipes (well maybe some of them are) we are ever evolving and looking to improve but we’re also all about making life easy. So we will use shortcuts just so that we can show you how easy it can be to cook and we’ll tell you the full version of how to do something too! For example – I wouldnt know where to start on how to make thai green curry paste (not yet anyway) so I will use a paste for this – easy and less time consuming – nothing to be ashamed of! And maybe we want to use Jus-Rol puff pastry one day instead of making the pastry from scratch.. We live in a world where things are so readily available so why make life so hard for ourselves?! There’s a bit of a running joke that Tasha told Raj she’d make the garlic bread one evening.. Raj thought she was going to bake the bread from SCRATCH – but this didn’t happen, we used ciabatta and Tash made the garlic butter which was TO DIE FOR – Best garlic bread we ever had and no one was elbow deep in kneading dough

Warming Ramen

Vegetarian, Vegan and meat/fish alternatives. A real soul warming dish that takes less than 30 minutes to make

Click the link above to try out this recipe. I no longer crave going to Pho (sorry!) because I prefer my homemade recipe!

Mood Meter: 5. Great for when you’re ill, cold, grumpy and hungover

Should come with a warning: Spicy Garlic Cauliflower

Vegan and Vegetarian friendly. Spicy and easy. Takes 45 minutes to make

Click the link above to try this recipe out. It’s so good your guests will be asking for the recipe! I served this at a family gathering and it went down a treat!

Mood Meter: 3. Great for adding a bit of spice to a meal. In the mood for good food but don’t want to waste any time.

Gloriously Garlic Chilli Prawn Starter

10 minutes to make this beautiful starter

A perfect starter for date night. Link above!

Mood: Romantic and ready for a date night in!

Seabass and Fennel

40 minutes to make this extra special meal

Click the link above to check this recipe out! Something a little more than your regular fish meal. A beautiful roasted fennel and seabass treat that takes no longer than 40 minutes to make. We used up some leftover vegetables in the house and tried out cooking fennel for the very first time!

Mood: Extra! Treating yourself after the first 50 days of the year

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