Wild Garlic Pesto

So I got my forage on recently while on one of our walks of the day. This time of year means wild garlic is back in season and it’s out in full force so I grabbed a plastic bag and picked as much as I could. I always feel a bit strange about doing this because I can get funny looks but hey it’s the price you pay for pesto! I’m excited about this because just like normal pesto it’s versatile, it will keep in the fridge once made for about 2 weeks which means lots of great meal ideas. For example a marinade for roast salmon or a veggie pasta.

Mood: Forage Fridays

Easy Salmon En Croute

I love love love salmon! I had this urge to make a salmon en croute but oh my goodness the lack of flour available is unreal right now! So I decided to put some Jus Rol puff pastry sheets to make this delicious wrapped salmon. This is super easy, healthy and quite fun to make!

Mood: In need of something healthy but still kinda fancy!

Chicken and Mushroom Pie

Who doesn’t love pie! I love making this because it’s lovely and creamy and never fails to please. I usually make it with just a puff pastry top however, this time I decided I wanted a proper pie! What you serve with this is up to you. I personally love to have it with some homemade chips or a creamy mash alongside some vegetables, I find honey roasted carrots and parspnips go really well with this.

Mood: When you’re craving classic hearty comfort food

Fish Pie

Oh I love Fish Pie – I wanted to master making it from scratch and guess what – I did! It’s a real warming, hearty meal which doesn’t really need sides but if you wanted sides you could have garlic bread, carrots, asparagus, creamed spinach or Yorkshire puds! Yum!

Mood: in the mood for a comforting and warming meal that can be kept and warmed up

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