Açai Bowl

I’ve been craving an açai bowl since October when I went to California and had my first so I had to remake it. Click on the link for the recipe and we’ve listed the health benefits too! Super mood and energy boosting!

Mood: wanting to start the day with something healthy, fulfilling and bursting with flavour and benefits.

Super Easy Seabass with Spicy Potatoes & veg

During the week we try to keep our main meals healthy-ish, we were doing really well before lockdown too! This is one dish that I make quite often because it’s a quick dish I can make once I’m home from work. I’ve found that the best tomatoes to use are the vine tomatoes rather than normal salad tomatoes. This recipe serves 2 but you can add more to suit the size of family you’re feeding. the majority if not all ingredients can be found in Aldi.

MOOD: Post quarantine, back to work quick and easy dish that will ease you back into to health eating.

Lentil Dhaal (v)

The most staple punjabi dish – and it’s unreal! So so good! Cheap, cheerful, easy. My grandad swears by this – according to him the only things you need are dhaal and flour (to make chapattis!) and he’s so right. I felt at ease knowing I had lentils and chapatti flour at home when this lockdown happened. I know how a little bit goes a long way! I couldn’t hide this from you all so I hope you enjoy..

Mood: when you want something nourishing, tasty, warm and delicious! The feeling I get when I eat it is warmth, takes me back to the days my mom would make my dhaal. Perfect.

Quorn, Mushroom and Leek Pie (v)

Easy peasy! That’s what most recipes should be right?! So I’ve skipped making the pastry to make this one of the easiest recipes for the most comforting food. I’m a big Quorn lover. I think it’s a brilliant alternative to meat. A few followers asked for some vegetarian pie recipes. So here we have it..

Mood: comforting hearty food

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