Easter Roast Lamb

This Easter has been so different – but what a time for reflection, to be grateful for what we do have. I haven’t been able to see my family, share eggs with my nieces but I’ve made sure we can still have a really yummy dinner. This roast lamb leg is super simple. Prep and cooking takes around 1hr 30. I don’t have all the equipment (yet) like a roasting tray with the rack – it’s on my list now! But this still worked really well.

Mood: Ready for a lovely Easter Sunday Roast

Now if you’re like me and you love lamb, you’ll love this recipe. We bought a leg of lamb from Aldi – you can probably see the upper bone is bare, as it is just the two of us eating I cut off the meat and made a curry with the upper leg. The rest was for roasting.

INGREDIENTS: Leg of lamb (ours ended up being 1.75kg) Baby potatoes Rosemary – fresh and dried Butter Olive oil Garlic cloves Garlic granules Chantenay carrots Vegetable stock Salt Pepper Crushed red chilli flakes

METHOD: 1. Preheat your oven to 200c leave the roasting tray you’ll be using in the oven to heat up 2. Cut your baby potatoes in half (we left the skin on for extra fibre!) 3. Par boil your potatoes in vegetable stock, garlic granules and salt – this was something new I tried and it was delicious! Let them boil for around 10 minutes

4. Meanwhile, prep your lamb. Pierce holes in the meat with a knife and twist the knife to make the holes bigger. 5. In a bowl mix chopped rosemary, dried rosemary, garlic granules, 4 whole cloves of garlic, 3 chopped pieces of garlic, salt, and pepper with olive oil 6. Massage the mix onto the lamb, gently push garlic and rosemary into some of the holes created.

7. Drain the potatoes saving some of the vegetable stock. 8. Add the same mix onto the potatoes with a few tablespoons of the veg stock and add them to the hot roasting tray. 9. You can add the lamb to the tray on top of the potatoes but we opted to put the potatoes around the lamb. If you have a roasting tray with a rack, add the potatoes to the tray and place the lamb on the rack. Both ways will help the juices from the lamb be soaked up by the potatoes. 10. Season all with salt, pepper and a little crushed red chilli flakes.

11. Leave in the oven to cook for 1hr 15 (more pink) or 1hr 30 (medium-well done) 12. 15 minutes from the end of your lamb cooking, place your chantenay carrots in a pan of salted water, bring to the boil. 13. Drain the carrots and return to the pan. Add a knob of salted butter

14. Remove the lamb and potatoes from the oven and let sit for 15 minutes. 15. Carve the lamb and serve with gravy or mint gravy!

Happy Easter – have a lovely weekend

– Raj xo

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