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I don’t believe in keeping good things a secret, so I’m sharing with you my recipes. This was an idea we had following the numerous requests from people on Instagram for my recipes. A few people are shocked that I can actually cook; I kept this passion to myself for the longest time until I bought my own house and I could do whatever I wanted to! One thing you need to know is that if people demand food to be cooked for them, I won’t do it. I make food through love. That’s when it counts!

To those of you that already know me, you’ll know food is my life. I have always had a huge appetite for food. I don’t know where my love for food came from but I’m forever grateful for it!Food is a factor to a lot of my decision making – the people I hang out with, the holidays I go on, the restaurants I eat at and the friends I keep… Don’t get me wrong, I don’t do fancy meals THAT much – I’m a sucker for a Toby Carvery, a burger, a plain ham sandwich, oven chips and a Goodfellas pizza…. but sometimes I’m in the mood for really good food – an experience, lets say.

I used to blog way back when I was at university – my blog was about cooking indian foods and trying out the latest crazes. Things have moved on a lot since, I now have my own house where I experiment my recipes and be left to work some magic. My home is my haven, my favourite room is the kitchen and my favourite item in my house is my fridge! I have a wonderful husband that supports me and my food dreams – who wouldn’t want to be a food taster?! We now prefer to stay in and cook than to go out and eat. I’ve found ways to make really lovely meals for dinner in the week and not just save the good stuff for Friday and the weekend.

The reason I want to do this blog with Tash is because, well, she’s one of my closest friends, we share the same interests and we want to help people who don’t usually cook to learn, to help those who do love eating out to be able to enjoy similar meals at home and save some money. I am not an expert – far from it! I know we have a lot to learn and we can’t do it all.

I love vegetarian food so I will give a vegetarian alternative to most of my recipes. I also love working to peoples dietary requirements – it’s so important to get it right and give people something delicious when they’re so restricted day-to-day. I’m always learning and can’t wait to hear what you all think.

We’ve gone with ‘mood food’ because we do relate food with our moods, for example, when I’m not feeling great, I will comfort eat (Pizza, Ramen, etc). When I’m feeling good and excited, I’ll go all out and make something lavish (I am a bit extra at the best of times). Sometimes I’ve cooked when I’m in a bit of a mood – that never turns out well, so I now stick to super quick and easy recipes in here that are hard to get wrong… even when I’m in a bad mood!

Food, cooking and baking is my therapy in this world of chaos that I live in (if you know, you know)

Thank you for visiting and we hope you get the most out of the recipes!

Question time:

Favourite food: Sushi particularly sashimi

Favourite drink: Milk! A pint a day as a minimum.

Favourite pastime: Eating good food. Cooking meals for my parents and grandparents – I’m so lucky that they will experiment with me and try the new foods I put in front of them. My regular cooking day was a Sunday (before I got married) and I’d always try to make new fun meals – they’re vegetarian mostly so it was a real learning experience for me to move away from the traditional indian food and give them something new to try.

What do you do when you’re stressed: Sleep, eat or cook/bake – it helps me feel calm.

What’s one thing you hate about cooking: When people demand food from you – I cook with love, so ask with love!!

What’s your favourite dish you’ve cooked: This could be a variety of things – love my homemade Ramen and adore my scallops on parsnip puree starter!

What do you least like cooking/baking: I hate, hate, hate kneading flour to make roti (chapattis) luckily, my parents got me a Kitchenaid which I cannot thank them enough for.

What’s your favourite kitchen appliance: Does my fridge count!? Well if not, then my KitchenAid OR Nespresso machine.

What’s one thing you’ll teach your children in the kitchen: To clean as they cook.. or that everything you make is a gift, so treat it well, make it with love and it’ll turn up for you!

What’s your partners favourite dish you’ve cooked: Previously duck breast, but recently changed to the seabass and fennel recipe you can find on this blog

What food don’t you eat: I don’t like wholegrain mustard or pesto (yuck!) and I don’t eat beef (I know what a sin(!) lol)

Favourite restaurant: Gusto is pretty special but there was a restaurant in the Maldives on Karumathi Island called the Reef – best meal of my life. Fresh fish and glorious flavours with a beautiful view of the Indian Ocean…

Who is your favourite chef: Gordon Ramsey


I’ve grown up in a house full of foodies, my Dad and brother are both Chefs, my sister’s a trained pastry chef and my Mum and I love to cook and bake at home. So, I think it’s safe to say we live and breathe everything food related. I’m all about cooking healthy but tasty meals that don’t cost the world to make, on the flip side I love taking my time and making something indulgent that I may or may not regret the next day.

I love to cook food that I can get excited about, my partner makes fun of me because I always cook what he likes to describe as “weekend meals” during the week – what can I say I don’t like boring food – and he gets to taste the array of different things I make so who’s the real winner here?

I cook based on my mood and Raj is the same, so it was only natural to have Mood Food as the title for this blog, because although we like to go for fancy meals and cook indulgent food, sometimes I just wants beans on toast every now and again because, who doesn’t like beans on toast (don’t forget the cheese, that’s important!)

I literally plan my life around food so when Raj suggested the blog it wasn’t even up for discussion, I was more than up for sharing. Now, I’m not claiming to be an expert, I’ll leave that to my Dad, but if what you’re looking for is recipes that are easy but hearty, healthy but tasty and don’t break the bank then welcome, we cant wait to share all our tips and tricks with all you lovely people.

Question time:

Favourite food: This is way too hard of a question, but if I HAD to pick, it would be dauphinoise potatoes, and garlic bread. I could live on these two things and be happy

Favourite drink: If we’re talking alcoholic it’s got to be red wine, favourite cocktail is a Manhattan and soft drink would have to be Fanta fruit twist 

Favourite pastime: There was a time when I lived at home, on a Sunday my mum, dad, brother and I would all be in the kitchen cooking something together whether that be dinner, dessert, bread you name it, we did this for a while and it was just really nice to spend time doing what we all enjoyed together!

What do you do when you’re stressed: Hmm there are different levels of stress, sometimes I just want to eat comfort food with minimal cooking so it’s got to be beans and chips with cheese other times if I want to take my mind off something I’ll cook something from scratch because it relaxes me.

What’s your favourite dish you’ve cooked: Not being big headed but my lasagne is so good and my garlic bread is the stuff of dreams!

What do you least like cooking/baking: Boring meals like chicken and cous cous – I blame my partner for this one! We were dieting once (notice it only happened once) and we lived on this for weeks, now I can’t stand to look at a grain of cous cous without it giving rage.

What’s your favourite kitchen appliance: A ricer! So random I know, but there’s nothing better than creamy mash with no lumps!

One thing you hate about cooking: Washing up, because I tend to use every pot, pan and utensil we have – but my partner helps out a lot so luckily I don’t have to do much of it!

What’s one thing you’ll teach your children in the kitchen: To make the effort, cook fresh when they can, some things are so easy to cook if you just take the time it tastes much better and it’s so much healthier.

What’s your partner’s favourite dish you’ve cooked: Chorizo and Prawn Jambalaya

What food don’t you eat: I’m not a fan of aubergine or courgette they’re too slimy! 

Favourite restaurant: We don’t tend to visit the same place twice for some reason, but I’ve had some amazing food at The Boot Inn, Lapworth, Rico Libre and Tattu.

Who is your favourite chef:Going to sound cheesy but…my Dad! 

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