Açai bowl

I’ve been craving an açai bowl since October when I went to California and had my first so I had to remake it.

Mood: wanting to start the day with something healthy, fulfilling and bursting with flavour and benefits.

Now you can get frozen açai – but I couldn’t get any so got the powder instead. You’ll need some frozen fruit, some toppings, a juice and granola.

Here’s how I did mine:

⁃ 1.5 tbsp of açai powder (huge health benefits! Read more!!)

⁃ 1 banana (preferably frozen)

⁃ 1 handful of frozen fruits (see pics we used strawberries and banana and the summer berries)

⁃ A teaspoon of Greek yoghurt (optional)

⁃ About a quarter cup of apple juice, just to add some liquid. You can use coconut milk or an alternative milk instead!

BLEND! Until smooth and creamy.

Put this in your bowl and top with your fave toppings.

For toppings I used:

⁃ Cacao nibs (read below for all the benefits!)

⁃ Granola

⁃ Blueberries (mood booster)

⁃ Banana

Health benefits:

Açai bowls are super healthy for you – full of antioxidants and natural sugars. Açai is great for your skin, immune system, lowering cholesterol, good for aiding weight loss, great for digestion and gives you energy – I was full of energy all day after this.

Cacao nibs – cacao nibs are way better than dark chocolate when it comes to benefits. It’s a real good mood food, helps release serotonin which is our good mood hormone! Again, good for your heart, full of antioxidants, is also known to help “reset” your metabolism, high in fibre, magnesium and potassium… do we need to say more?

Mix up your fruits and try it with whatever you love. We’re going to try mango next time and top with strawberry yum!!

Enjoy! Let me know if you try it x Raj

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