Fish Pie

Fish pie.. what a delight! I got married back in 2017 and this was a dish I really wanted to try and make from scratch – I was so used to having it at pubs or as a “ready meal” but I wanted to make it for my Father in law as he loves fish and so does my husband. So I googled and googled, adjusted recipes and tried it. Safe to say it went down well and I’ve made it over a dozen times since.

It’s a real warming, hearty meal which doesn’t really need sides but if you wanted sides you could have garlic bread, carrots, asparagus, creamed spinach or Yorkshire puds! Yum!

Mood: in the mood for a comforting and warming meal that can be kept and warmed up


– Fish- salmon, haddock, prawn, scallops, cod (or just get a fish pie mix!) all in equal sized pieces. – Milk (I use semi-skimmed) – Parsley – Butter – Plain flour – Spring onion – White onion – Cloves – Potatoes – Salt – Pepper – Garlic


1. Cut an onion in quarters, pierce each quarter with a clove

2. Poach the fish in milk (enough to cover the fish) and add the pierced onion in, add parsley, salt and pepper

3. Meanwhile, peel, cut and boil potatoes for mash

4. Once the fish is cooked, you can check if the fish flakes, spoon the fish pieces out of the milk into a baking dish.

5. Drain the milk out through a sieve discarding the onions and cloves – these will be tasteless now. Keep the milk in a jug for the sauce.

6. Make a roux- add a knob of butter to a pan, a tablespoon of plain flour and chopped spring onion

7. Mix until it forms into a roux (you can also add some chopped garlic here)

8. Add some of the milk and mix, continue to slowly add milk a bit at a time

9. Continue to add milk until a creamy sauce consistency, add sweetcorn and peas

10. Pour the sauce into the baking dish on top of the fish, covering the fish

11. Drain and mash the potatoes. Add butter and milk to the mash, season with salt and pepper.

12. Top the fish with the mashed potato and use a fork to form a pattern

13. Top with cheese…. optional!

14. Pop it into the oven for 15-20 mins at 180c until golden brown/melted cheese! You can keep the fish pie, freeze it, reheat and enjoy it all over again


– Raj xo

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