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Raj’s Traditional Punjabi Roti

Roti has always been a staple in my house. My Grandad swears by it – he would tell you that you don’t need anything other than lentils and chapatti flour. What he didn’t tell me was how difficult it can be to make! Ok, maybe not that difficult… but I always found it hard…. until I figured out my measurements and was gifted a KitchenAid (TY M&D x)

Mood: Wanting something light to accompany a curry – skip the naan, this is way healthier for you!

Chapatti Flour (225g for 7-8 rotis) – I use chakki atta!
– 125ml cold water
– A cup of cold water
– Butter (optional)

1. In a mixing bowl, add the water (125ml) to the flour (225g) and mix well
2. Once the mixture becomes thicker and stronger, begin to knead the dough.
3. Add additional water – a little bit at a time – until the dough becomes fluffy and you’re able to knead the ddough without parts of it sticking to the bowl – it should knead away any additional dough in the bowl
4. Put it in a container and refrigerate
5. When you’re ready to make the chappati’s, put a tavah (a non stick frying pan should work fine, too) on the cooker at a medium heat. You’ll need some additional flour and a rolling pin
6. Roll a small ball of dough in your hands – around the size of a satsuma
7. Press the ball in flour and use your hands to flatten the dough into a circle
8. Flour the dough and begin to roll out with your rolling pin
9. Once round, transfer between your hands (this should help the chapatti get bigger too) and apply to tavah
10. Turn the chappati after around 20-30seconds, you should see bubbles appear – this is when it’s ready to turn.
11. Turn again – your roti may puff up slightly
12. Turn once more and allow the roti to puff up. You can use a spatula to help the air push into the roti by pressing gently.
13. Remove from heat and serve – ps: butter the roti for extra deliciousness!

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